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Weekly Pool Cleaning, Green Pool Solutions, Acid Wash, and more from Acquality Pool Service in Miami

Maybe you are thinking about building a pool in your house and are wondering how much does it cost for a pool cleaning service. Or you just bought a house with a beautiful pool and are asking yourself how much pool services near me cost. Before you come to any conclusions consider that a swimming pool is a big investment and you want to keep it in top shape so it doesn’t lose value. A poorly kept swimming pool will develop stains that are hard or impossible to get out. Here are some of the pool services we offer.

Concierge pool services

We would like to become your trusted pool service advisors. With Acquality Pool Service you don’t get just a pool guy, but a Miami pool company that offers personalized pool service, it’s a concierge service for residential pool owners. If we can’t fix your pool, we know someone that can refer them to you and coordinate visits on your behalf.

Acquality Pool Service provides you with pool cleaning, acid wash, pool shock for green pools, and more services with a reliable, punctual, discreet, and professional approach.


Pool Balance

Pool Balance

Balancing a pool means keeping chemicals at proper levels. Cleaning a pool is more than just adding chlorine for sanitizing and acid for ph. You ...
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Green Pool Solution

Green Pool Solution

You went away on vacation and forgot about the pool maintenance only to find out a green pool and your daughter’s pool party is this ...
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Acid Wash

Acid Wash

This type of pool service is recommended when a pool has been neglected for an extended period of time. An acid wash involves getting debris ...
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Pool Cleaning

Pool Cleaning

Before you ask how much does it cost for weekly pool service let me explain why we recommend cleaning your pool weekly. Whether you hire ...
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Outdoor Living Service

Outdoor Living

Quality Service, Affordable Pricing And Professional Experience You Can Trust.
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Pool Repair Service - Acquality

Repairs and Remodel

Do you need to fix or change something in your pool area? Pool pump, filters, noise, water treatments, automation, lights, you name it… Whatever the ...
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Our Products

Dorado Vacuum by Pentair

Zodiac MX6 Cleaner

Jandy Pool Pump

Heat Pumps


Pool Safety Is Our Priority

Safety Reinforcements Around The Pool In Times Of Covid-19

As we spend more time in our homes this spring due to the COVID-19 quarantine in place, we want to bring your attention to the safety around pools. We are taking the following measures when visiting our clients.


Our staff uses face shields and mouth coverings at all times.


We let you know when we arrive, so you can stay inside while we work.


Pool Techs disinfect all the pool equipment when they leave (valves, timers, etc), so you don't have to worry about the safety of your space.


Receive a digital service log after each visit, including chemical readings and a photo of the pool.


Now you don't need to physically meet our staff for anything!

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