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An acid wash pool service is recommended when a pool has been neglected for an extended period of time.  It is also recommended when there are stubborn pool finish stains. If you are wondering how do you treat pool stains an acid wash could be the answer. This pool service could remove pool stains or at least make them less visible. It is a cost-effective alternative to a major pool renovation service like replacing the pool finish.

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How to acid wash a pool

An acid wash treatment involves getting debris out, emptying the water, washing the walls and bottom of the swimming pool with acid, rinsing them with water, filling the swimming pool with fresh water and doing a startup pool balance service.

Our pool maintenance technicians are trained on how to properly and safely utilize the chemicals involved in an acid wash. They use protective gear and a safety protocol to minimize incidents. Muriatic Acid, also called no fume acid, is the chemical of choice. It is caustic and can burn the skin and cause respiratory damage if inhaled, that is why we recommend hiring a Miami pool company to perform an acid wash.

Pool stains experts

In some cases, for example, when the stains are few and localized, we could perform an acid wash without the need to empty the pool. We have special tools that can reach the walls and the bottom of the pool and apply the acid remotely without the need to empty the swimming pool. This could be an even less costly alternative to an acid wash. Our pool service technicians can evaluate your specific pool stain situation and give you a recommendation.

At Acquality Pool Service we are pool stain and acid wash pool pros that can bring beauty back to your swimming pool. Contact an Acquality Pool Service expert for an evaluation.

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