Pool Balance


Pool Balance Service

Bring pool chemicals to appropriate levels for start-up or ongoing service. Keep your pool balanced with us. Expect a reliable, professional and punctual service, rain or shine.


Our pool maintenance services also include pool balance. Balancing a pool means keeping pool chemicals at the proper levels. The bottom line, cleaning a pool is more than just adding chlorine for sanitizing and acid for pH. You also have to check alkalinity, cyanuric acid, etc.

Pool Start-Up

If the pool is new construction or you did a pool remodeling and the swimming pool has just been filled with fresh water you will need a special type of pool balance called a pool start-up. It means that the swimming pool will get a start-up service where great amounts of pool chemicals need to be added the first time you fill it up. The pool pH also needs to be monitored closely. After that is regular pool maintenance.

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When do you need a pool balance?

Every time fresh water enters the pool, the chemicals go out of balance. So, if there is a big rainstorm, or if there is a pool leak and you are adding water every week or day, you will need a pool balance. You also need a pool start-up after remodeling.

Why do you need a pool water balance?

Properly balanced pool water creates an optimal environment for the sanitizing process. It also protects the components in the pool system against chemical corrosion and increments the life expectancy of the pool equipment. Properly balanced pool water provides a better swimming experience for pool users. Some of the factors that contribute to pool water balance are pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, temperature, and total dissolved solids.

A word about pool pH

The pool pH varies for many reasons. Every time organic material falls into the pool it affects the pool pH. Also when there are lots of bathers, when there are residues in the air, evaporation, fresh water coming in, disinfectants or other pool chemicals. Acceptable pH for pool water is slightly alkaline (7.2 – 7.8). Human tears pH is 7.5. To contribute to bather’s comfort de ideal fluctuation of pool pH is 7.4 – 7.6.  The method to control pool pH is to maintain correct levels of alkalinity. When alkalinity is correct, usually pH is also correct.

When you hire us, you don’t have to know all of this, but we do. That’s why we are CPO certified pool operators that studied pool water chemistry and passed the test. Give us a call today!

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