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Pool Cleaning Service

We hope to become your trusted pool service advisors. If we don’t know how to fix it, we know someone that does.  It’s a concierge service for pool owners.  Expect a quality pool service that is top-rated. Look up “best pool service near me” and read our reviews.

We are salt pool experts, AKA saline pools. We know how to treat salt pools and how to keep the salt cell in good shape. Salt pools use a piece of equipment called a Salt Chlorine Generator. Also known as a chlorinator or a salt chlorine system, it turns salt into a steady flow of gas chlorine, avoiding significant chemistry fluctuations and providing silkier water feeling for your enjoyment.

Every week we perform the following pool cleaning tasks upon arrival at your property:

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How often should a pool be serviced

Before you ask how much is pool cleaning service or how often to clean your pool, let me explain why we recommend cleaning your pool weekly, or even two times per week, instead of every other week or once a month. Whether you hire us, hire another company, or clean the pool yourself, weekly pool cleaning is the golden standard in South Florida. Our year-long warm weather means that one week without service can spell disaster. You will be amazed at how your pool will look fine one summer day, and then you can have a green pool the following day. Also, by cleaning your pool every week, you avoid significant fluctuations in the pool water. If there is lots of vegetation around the swimming pool area, consider cleaning the pool twice a week.

Our Pool Service Technicians

Professional. Our pool service technicians wear uniforms and drive identifiable trucks. They interact professionally with our customers. They use professional pool vacuums. We constantly train them to be knowledgeable and professional pool cleaners ready to serve your pool cleaning needs.

Reliable.  Count on us to assist you with all your pool cleaning service needs. We help you to the best of our abilities during emergencies, including hurricane recovery efforts. Your pool guy will notify any pool repair issues that arise. In addition, our pool concierge services offer solutions for your pool problems.

Punctual.  When you sign up for weekly pool cleaning service with us, we assign you a pool cleaning day and show up, rain or shine, that day of the week. If there are changes in the pool cleaning schedule, we often give you heads-up. We only close one week in December, and we will be there every other holiday.

Respectful. We train our pool maintenance techs to treat the client’s houses with the utmost respect, keep noise to a minimum, and be mindful of their privacy. Your pool is your backyard oasis, and we train them to keep the pool deck clean, close doors and gates, and properly dispose of any garbage.

Innovative:  Our pool cleaning technicians use an app that provides the customer with a digital pool service log. An email gets sent to the pool owner with chemical readings, pool cleaning services performed, and a photo of the swimming pool every time the pool tech finishes their work.

Friendly: We are open and approachable. Our company is a fun and friendly place where teamwork rules. Our goal is to exceed every customer’s expectations.

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