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Green Pool? One of Acquality Pool Services is algae removal. In the case of algae growth in your pool, we can apply a complete treatment to eliminate and prevent regrowth.

You went away on vacation and forgot about the pool maintenance only to find out a dirty pool full of green algae and your daughter’s pool party is this weekend! What do you do when your pool turns green? Leave that to Acquality Pool Service experts. Maybe you bought a house but didn’t move in right away and now that you did you need a green pool water fix. Acquality Pool Service can perform a pool shock and solve the problem. Green pools can range in color from yellow, light green, deep green to black, depending on how long the pool was neglected. It doesn’t matter, Acquality Pool Service is here to help.

How to clean a green pool

Algae removal service involves several steps. First, you have to identify what type of algae is growing in your pool and how bad the algae growth is. Is it green algae? Is it black algae? Depending on the answer there could be several approaches to an algae removal treatment.

For example, an algaecide can be used to kill the algae. Acquality pool service has green pool experts than can choose the right kind of algaecide for the type of algae growth in the pool.  Another approach would be to do pool shock with chlorine. You can also do both methods.

After the algae are killed it’s probable that you end up with cloudy pool water, some people call it the milky pool water after shock effect because there might be a white residue. That is the dead algae. Our green pool expert will vacuum the pool to remove the dead algae and also program the pool pump and filter to operate the proper amount of time until all the algae are removed. Also, consider that green pool algae feed on phosphates, this compound is present in the organic material that falls into your pool. Sometimes a phosphate remover is needed in order to get the pool algae under control. There are also preventive treatments that can avoid having a green pool situation in the future.

Don’t suffer alone. Call Acquality Pool Service, we are green pool experts.

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