5 Must-Do Tips for Pool Owners

Whether you hire a company to service your pool or clean it yourself, here is a list of things every pool owner should do to have the pool looking its best always.

1. Service the pool every week, clockwork!

Whether you enjoy cleaning your pool or hire a company like ours to do it for you, make sure your pool gets serviced every week. Here in South Florida, the weather is so warm throughout the year that we don’t really have pool opening and closing season. Not only that, one week without service could spell disaster for your pool. You could notice a difference in the water quality or you could have an algae bloom. Remember that our climate is also very humid. In the summer we have lots of rains and that means fresh untreated water entering the pool and altering the delicate chemical balance.

2. Install gutters and periodically inspect them

Now that we are talking about rain it\’s very important that you seriously consider getting gutters for your house if you don’t already have them. If all of that dirty water from the roof enters your pool, and we have seen some houses where there is literally a cascade from the roof entering the pool whenever it rains, that means you are concocting the perfect brew for the algae to prosper in your pool. Algae feed on phosphates and they are present in dirt and organic material. If you have gutters inspect them and make sure that there are no leaks and that water from them does not enter your pool.

3. Watch the landscaping

We mentioned that phosphates are present in organic material, meaning leaves, twigs, palm tree seeds, grass cuttings, etc. All of those enter your pool inevitably whenever you or your landscaping company work on the yard. Make sure you schedule the landscape work on a day previous to the day the pool gets serviced. Also, consider the vegetation around it. Yes, it is so nice to have lush gardens, but did you know that many seeds can stain the pool finish if they sit for long? Make sure that palm tree blooms get cut away and pick up the mangoes before they fall in the pool. But the toughest stain to get rid of on your pool finish is the one made by fertilizers. Be very careful when using them or instruct your landscaping company against accidentally dropping any fertilizer in the pool.

4. Get an Automatic Pool Cleaner

The pool looks so nice right after it’s been serviced… and then the wind blows. Sight. You can do something about it. Get an Automatic Pool Cleaner. It can definitely improve the appearance of your pool in between cleanings. And it not only picks up leaves but also constantly vacuums the pool. There are many options out there but we recommend the Zodiac MX6 and its big brother the Zodiac MX8 Elite. If you have large leaves entering the pool consider getting the cyclonic leaf catcher attachment for a little extra money. It will prevent the APC from clogging the vacuum line. We sell them, so shoot us an email and we will send you more info.

5. Make your pool a smart pool: Automation 2.0

With the new automation technology hitting the pool industry is almost like pools can think now. Consider investing in a Variable Speed pump, some models save up to 90% of energy compared with standard one-speed models and can be 70% quieter like the VSFLOPRO by Jandy. When paired with an iQPump01 you can control it using the app for your smartphone or tablet. Automation also means getting a Salt Chlorine Generator, as they are technically called, which turns table salt into chlorine and does it constantly when properly working. That means no big chemical fluctuations in your pool water, which in the long run is better for your pool finish. No more weekly trips to the pool store to get chlorine. And you can enjoy the added benefit of softer water and less chlorine smell.

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