A Pool Cleaner For Father’s Day

Jun 14, 2019 | Beatriz, The Pool Lady
Dorado by Pentair - Acquality Pool Service

If your dad loves his pool then an automatic pool cleaner could be the ultimate gift for him. There are many models out there. If you want to simplify your shopping, here are three very good options to consider:

Dorado by Pentair

Dorado by Pentair - Acquality Pool ServiceThe Dorado suction-side cleaner delivers simple, powerful cleaning you can see and feel. Its unique Bristle-Drive Technology combines with an oversized vacuum inlet to scrub and devour tough dirt and debris from the pool’s floor and walls, providing complete, trouble-free cleaning. The cleaner’s 15-inch-wide bristle scrubbers cover more pool in a single pass for fast cleaning. And Dorado’s SmartTrac Programmed Steering easily navigates around obstacles for uninterrupted vacuuming of large and small debris.

MX8 Elite by Zodiac

Zodiac MX8 Elite - Acquality Pool ServiceWhat we love most about the Zodiac MX suction cleaners is their aggressive wall climbing feature, they go up all the way to the tile line and have a maX-Drive Navigation for better pool coverage with nimble programmed maneuverability. The MX8 Elite also features cyclonic scrubbing brushes that continually spin, scrub and stay in constant contact with pool surfaces to agitate and remove stuck-on debris, the company says.

TriVac 700 by Hayward

TriVac 700 Hayward - Acquality Pool ServiceThe TriVac 700 pressure cleaner is the only cleaner with top and bottom modes capable of skimming debris from the surface of the water in addition to vacuuming the pool floor, walls, and coves, the company says. TriVac models are equipped with patented AquaDrive technology — powerful jets that propel the cleaners around the pool. A wide vacuum inlet, powerful sweep hose, and patented extra-large debris bag allow for exceptional cleaning performance.

Click here if you want to learn more about the different types of automatic pool cleaners and give us call for a free estimate on one of these models.

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