Ten Pool Cleaning Tips

My costumers often ask me what can they do between schedule pool service visits to improve the appearance of their pool. Here is a list.

1. Landscaping

Talk to your landscaping company and instruct their employees not to blow the grass cuttings and debris into your pool. Organic material helps the growth of algae. Also, it is very important that they don’t throw any fertilizer into the pool, as this may stain the finish and promotes algae growth (your pool will turn black).

2. Pressure cleaning

From time to time your patio and your roof need pressure cleaning. It is critical that you instruct the pressure cleaning company so that they try to avoid, as much as possible, throwing dirt on the pool. Also tell your pool service company your cleaning plans so that they can prepare for this situation.

3. Gutters

If you don’t have gutters it’s a good idea to install them, as rainwater and roof dirt alter the chemical balance in your pool. Remember to clean the gutters regularly.

4. Pool deck drain

It’s important that your pool deck has proper draining. This way you prevent overflowing rainwater from falling into the pool. Also make sure your drain is properly clear of any debris to improve its functionality.

5. Timer

Properly program the timer on your pool system according to the season. In summer the pool systems need to run more time than in winter. If you have doubts, ask your pool technician how to program the timer.

6. Skim

In between pool company visits you can occasionally skim your pool with a net and clean the skimmer baskets. This will only take a few minutes and you will see a great improvement in the water quality.

7. Kreepy Krauly

Get an automatic pool-cleaning machine like a Kreepy Krauly, Navigator, Barracuda, etc. These machines help with the cleaning of the bottom of your pool and keep the pool clean between services.

8. Shower

It’s an easy and good idea to tell your guests to shower before they enter your pool. This way you avoid contaminants like sun-tanning oil or lotions, which accumulate, on your pool tiles. Cosmetics, perspiration and traces of urine and fecal mater can also be removed in the shower.

9. Animals

Occasional unwanted visitors, like raccoons or possums, can leave fecal mater in your pool. If you have a child fence, this will help with the problem. Tell your pool technician as soon as you notice the fecal mater and don’t go into the pool until it has been serviced. This way you will avoid contracting dangerous illnesses.

10. Weekly maintenance

Update your pool service company about what is going on in your pool. Have you noticed any changes in the water since their last visit? Have you added water or chemicals? Think about anything out of the ordinary that can affect your pool, like a landscaping service, or any of the issues we have talk about in this blog.

Happy swimming! And contact us about our weekly pool cleaning service if cleaning your own pool is not possible for you anymore.