How often should a pool get cleaned?

Many people ask me how many times a month should a pool get maintenance. I have been asked this question by homeowners that have a do-it-yourself approach to cleaning their pool and also from homeowners that are looking to hire a professional.

Some people think that their pool needs less frequent cleaning because their pool does not get that much dirt and debris from the surroundings. Other people think that because their pool is small, the chemicals will last longer.

The key to pool maintenance is to keep a constant frequency in order to get the proper chemical balance in the water.

For example, usually do-it-yourself homeowners tell me: “I put chlorine twice a month and acid once a month, and my pool looks clear”. But to expert eyes like ours, as soon as we see the pool we can tell how much it has suffered from these wrong practices.

The wrong maintenance of the pool chemical balance creates problems like a slow deterioration of the pool finish and the pool equipment. When the water does not find the right minerals in itself, like calcium and others, it takes them from the finish.

Have you noticed that your pool has stains? That is probably because it has not been timely maintained and it’s been absorbing them from the finish.

Programed weekly maintenance, not only solves these problems but also makes you save money on chemicals and extends the beauty life of your pool.

If you are a do-it-yourself pool owner, decide which day of the week you are going to do the maintenance and keep to it. Also, keep a log of what you did every week, it’s a good idea.

If you notice that your pool professional does not come every week, please ask him to do so or hire another company.

Weekly maintenance is the key. Click here to send us a free estimate request for weekly pool maintenance.