How To Take Care Of Your Pool In Case Of A Hurricane

Now that hurricane season is upon us let us review how to take care of your pool if a tropical storm is approaching.

If you want to avoid damage to your pool you will have to avoid certain myths and follow these simple instructions.

– Don’t drain your pool!

Many homeowners drain their pool when a hurricane is approaching because they think that if it rains too much the pool is going to overflow and cause a flood in their patio. Big mistake!

When hurricane rain falls, the water content on the soil rises. Inground pools are designed to be full of water. If you empty your pool during a hurricane it might pop up from the ground because there is so much water content on the ground that it pushes the pool upward.

One more thing to consider is that during a hurricane the water in the pool acts as a barrier that protects the finish from the debris that hurricane winds might bring.

If you want you can lower the water level on your pool by one foot, no more than that.

-Turn the system off

Tropical storms can affect the pump and the electrical components of your pool system, like the heater, the filter system, etc.

Very few people remember to turn off the circuit breaker that controls all of this to avoid a voltage surge.

If a tropical storm is approaching, turn off the breakers and don’t turn them on after the storm especially if your patio is flooded.

Let your pool technician review the system first before he turns it on. The pump should be completely dry before it is turned on.

-Secure loose objects

Remove all the loose objects in and around the pool and store them safely in your garage.

Don’t commit the common mistake of throwing the patio furniture inside the pool. This will not only ruin the finish of your pool but the furniture itself because it will rust.

Skimmer lids, umbrellas, pool toys and accessories, and everything that can be moved around by hurricane winds should also be stored or strongly secured in place.

Do not cover your pool

If you have pool cover do not use it, especially if you have a lot of vegetation around your pool.

Hurricane winds are too strong and the cover will not resist this kind of winds. Also, a branch from a tree might fall into the pool breaking it.

If you cover your pool you will most likely have to remove it from inside the pool along with all of the debris that might fall into it.

Follow these simple instructions before the storm hits and you will be able to enjoy your pool in less time after the hurricane. If you have any questions pick up the phone and call the experts at Acquality Pool.

If the time has passed since a hurricane and pool looks black it might be a good idea to do an acid wash. Click here to learn more.