Why Hire A CPO (Certified Pool And Spa Operator) To Clean Your Pool?

Many times people tend to hire the cheapest pool service they can get without taking into consideration the credentials of their pool technician. While a good deal may seem like a good idea, it can also pose many risks.

If you want to enjoy your pool with peace of mind hire a pool technician that is certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

Why is this important? CPOs or Certified Pool Operators have completed extensive training and have to pass and exam in order to validate their experience.

CPOs are familiar with all of the laws, regulations, codes, design and operations standards that apply in pool installations. This means that CPO technicians are constantly updating their knowledge about new equipment and technologies, and new rules.

A good CPO should know everything about the mechanical aspects of your pool installation, including water quality, chemical handling, and risk identification.

As we have seen lately in Miami, it is important to identify any risks that your pool may pose to your health. We want to emphasize that hiring a CPO gives you peace of mind and warrants that your pool is operating safely for you and your family or guests.

At Acquality Pool we offer affordable pool service that is backed by our CPO certification. Call us today‬ and we will give you a free estimate and inspect your pool for free in order to identify any possible risks. Learn more about what our weekly pool cleaning service includes here.