Which automatic pool cleaner should I buy?

For a while you have been thinking about getting an automatic pool cleaner but you don’t really know where to start. Maybe you have asked your friends or seek recommendations from webpages. Your pool technician might give you the best advice on which one to buy, but what if you don’t have a pool cleaning company hired? Here we are going to explain the different types of automatic pool cleaners available in the market.

There are three types of automatic pool cleaners: pressure, suction and robotic.

Pressure cleaners are powered by the pressure of clean water returning to the pool. They get connected to one of the jets in the pool. The water pressure makes the cleaner move and its pressure booster pump creates suction to collect debris in a bag attached to the cleaner. It is usually recommended for large types of debris such as big leaves. Check out these pressure pool cleaners from Polaris.

Suction cleaners work in the opposite way. They get connected to the vacuum line or the skimmer line of the pool and the suction generated by the pool pump makes the automatic pool cleaner move around the pool collecting debris. They usually have a canister to collect debris before going to the filter or sometimes they let the filter of the pool do all of the work. It is recommended for medium to small debris. Here are some examples of suction pool cleaners from Zodiac. Suction pool cleaners are the most popular and we usually recommend the MX6 to our clients. Check out the video we made at one of our client\’s pools here:

Robotic pool cleaners don’t need a dedicated pool line to operate. They get connected to the electricity using a special cable safe for water use. The electricity powers the cleaner, which moves around the pool suctioning the debris and keeping it inside a bag within itself. They are recommended for fine to medium size debris. These tend to be more expensive than pressure and suction cleaners. See here Hayward automatic pool cleaners.

In order to select the right pool cleaner for your pool you first have to look at the surroundings of your pool and determine the size of the debris that usually falls in your pool. You also have to determine if your pool as a dedicated suction line. If not you will have to either use pressure or robotic cleaner. Finally, you have to decide how much money you want to spend on it. We hope this explanation helps you come closer to a decision. Give us a call when you had made up your mind or contact us here. Happy shopping!