Does your swimming pool need an acid wash?

Perhaps you moved into a house with a swimming pool that has been neglected, or maybe you have noticed that your pool’s finish has changed color over time and now it looks yellowish. In many cases, an acid wash can take care of these pool stains. It can be an inexpensive alternative to replacing the finish of the whole swimming pool. While an acid wash is usually a three-figure number a pool refinish can go well into the 4 digits.

So what is an acid wash, anyway? It’s a pool treatment that involves emptying the pool water and washing the walls and the bottom of the swimming pool with acid. Only a Certified Pool Operator or CPO should do this as they are trained on how to handle the chemicals so they don’t pose a threat to the worker or the pool. After the acid wash, the pool needs to be filled again with water and a pool balancing needs to be done.

One common side effect of an acid wash is to find small particles like sand of your pool’s finish at the bottom of the pool. This usually happens during the first weeks and months after the acid wash and then it stops. In this case, the pool should be vacuum thoroughly with a professional pool vacuum and the filter should be clean more often.

An acid wash is not recommended on a swimming pool that already has a deteriorated finish, one that has holes in it where you can see the concrete beneath. Some times the pool stains are so deep that they don’t go away completely even with an acid wash. In that case, an acid wash would only be a waste of money that you can invest in a pool refinish. Your pool maintenance company or pool service guy should be able to tell you what is the best recommendation for your pool: an acid wash or a pool refinish.

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