Five Scary Things Found on Pools

With Halloween around the corner, we wanted to share some horror stories from the pool tech’s perspective.

1. The swamp

Neglected and abandoned swimming pools can turn into black bodies of water that hide unknown creatures. They become breeding medium for mosquitoes and frogs and the rotting branches and leaves give them a foul smell. Few things are more horrifying than cleaning a black pool, like paying the city’s fine when they found out about the abandoned pool and then paying for the acid wash to take care of the stains left behind by months of black and green algae.

2. The dog from hell

This creature can be disguised as a cute Chihuahua, but once you enter their backyard it can bite your ankles and destroy your swimming pool net. On the nicer side, it can be so playful that it does not let our pool techs work. And of course, there are also true big size guardian dogs trained to attack intruders. The lesson here is no matter the size, please bring your dog inside when your pool tech arrives and avoid a scary bill from the hospital.

3. The monster

South Florida is a tropical oasis full of all sorts of animals and some of them might feel attracted to take a dip in your swimming pool. So it’s no surprise that we have found some of your scary neighbors comfortably floating inside your pool like rats, snakes, and even alligators.

4. The cadaver

What is scarier than finding a monster? If you ask us is finding a dead monster. That soft and disgusting feeling you get on your hand when you reach into the skimmer basket only to find a dead animal inside, yikes! Or what about that time we had to skim a dead possum out of the swimming pool. Nevermind. After the cadaver is gone a pool shock should be done.

5. The storm

Remember how it always rains in horror movies? Well, the top scariest thing for a pool tech is a lighting storm, everything else pails compare to this because, think about it, it’s a matter of life or death. That’s why we instruct our pool techs to take a break if there is a lighting storm and wait inside the car. We might skip the cleaning or just add chlorine if it looks likes it\’s going to rain all day. No poles allowed as they can attract lightning.

And if you really like the subject here is a video we found on YouTube to go with it.