Start A New Thanksgiving Tradition

By Pool Side News

Thanksgiving may look a lot different this year– what with coronavirus and travel restrictions in many areas of the country. If you and your family will be sticking close to home why not start a new Thanksgiving tradition? Maybe you’re facing an empty nest this holiday season and, yes, with the travel restrictions you are still sticking close to home — a new tradition might be just what the doctor ordered!

Tried and true traditions are great BUT if you can’t enjoy them like you used to in the past, why not start something new. If you start a new tradition it may take away the yearning for the “old” traditions. If you have a spa or hot tub, why not pamper yourself and begin a Thanksgiving spa tradition?

Start A New Thanksgiving Tradition

Do you live an area of the country where the pool is still open? You can certainly have a swimming pool tradition, but we think you’ll be thanking us when you’re enjoying a spa or hot tub on Thanksgiving day. Amp up the cozy by investing in a towel warmer or toss some towels in the dryer to warm them up before you use them. Even better, invest in some luxury bath robes — you know the thick, soft kind you get at a hotel? Nothing better than that.

Treat yourself to a Thanksgiving meal of leftovers or have the meal cooking while you soak.

When you’re planning the Thanksgiving hot tub tradition, set the mood by trying some of these.

Candles are always a great way to light the hot tub space and to set a mood for relaxation and perhaps even romance. Look at craft stores or your local department store for holiday colored candles and holiday scented candles. Cinnamon, clove, pine, vanilla and pumpkin scents add to the festive feeling and may even help build an appetite!

Decorate. You can get silly and hang turkey decorations and decorate the tables and hot tub area with all things turkey. Want to set a more serious, adult mood? Pick up some fir boughs, make some leaf garland or buy some garland at your local craft store. Put pumpkins around the area then carve them and dig out the seeds and cook them up for a delicious treat. Scatter pine cones around the space and on the table with a cornucopia.

There really isn’t specific music for Thanksgiving so you can either opt to turn on Christmas songs or simply set up the sound system to plan your favorite classical music or even your favorite dance songs — your choice!

We don’t normally say you should drink and soak, but if you’re not soaking alone, consider imbibing in a glass of champagne, treat yourself to that wine you never usually buy. A mulled cider or even spiked egg nog sets the mood in a delicious way.

As mentioned, you can cook your dinner a day in advance then enjoy an easy meal of leftovers. Put the turkey on the grill and grill sweet potatoes, Yukon Gold potatoes and let them cook while you soak; don’t forget to check on them! Set a timer on your phone if necessary to make sure you don’t forget. If you don’t want to cook and really want a new tradition, order from your favorite upscale restaurant, get dinner delivered by a meal delivery service or nibble on appetizers all day.

Zoom together. Many families will be enjoying dinner “together” via Zoom. Consider doing that after you’ve enjoyed a wonderful time in the hot tub OR do it before you’ve been in the hot tub THEN go back in!

Don’t let the pandemic get you down. Many people have had to curtail travel plans and while it is not something anyone wants to do, sometimes it’s necessary to roll with it. Your new tradition may just make the day more enjoyable than you’d originally imagined.

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