Health Benefits Of Water Immersion

In this blog post, I want to talk about the benefits of hydrotherapy. Pool and spa owners read on, the benefits to your health are very significant as we will discuss. You might think that your pool adds value to your house, or it\’s just something nice to look at, but by not using it you might be missing out on many health benefits.

Recently Carlos and I had the pleasure of visiting Le Blanc Spa Resort in Cancun with a group of friends. Not only is the hotel spectacular with three beautiful pools and butler service for your room, but it also has a hydrotherapy circuit in the spa that you can take advantage of as much as you like included with your stay.

After spending some time in the sauna, I was ushered into the steam room, then a quick shower and unto the cool room where I was instructed to rub ice on my skin. Some rest by the jacuzzi, then a jacuzzi immersion followed by a quick dip in the ice-cold pool. No need for a massage, all these water treatments combined had me so relax.

I decided to investigate why I was having such a blissful filling just by following a hydrotherapy regime and I found out that taking a hot bath is as good for you as exercise, as you can read on this article by Newsweek.

More interesting, an article written by Dr. Bruce Becker, one of the industry’s most impassioned advocates of the benefits of aquatic activity, examines the neurological benefits from several angles.

As he writes in Promoting Nervous System Health, an article you can find in the book Water Immersion Works, which you can request for free here: “Research has shown that immersion, especially warm water immersion, has a unique effect upon the autonomic nervous system, the part of the central nervous system that controls essential respiratory, cardiac and vascular systems. A relaxation effect is produced, bringing the autonomic system into optimal balance. This autonomic balance has been associated with a reduction in blood pressure, improvement in endocrine function and even improved mood and cognitive function.”

Becker expands on that theme with “Enhancing Brain Blood Flow and Arterial Health:” “In the past several years, it has been found that blood flow to the brain may be enhanced by simple aquatic immersion and aquatic exercise.”

The suite of Becker’s articles concludes with “Biological Benefits for Post-Traumatic Stress.” Here, he describes work he’s done with veterans coping with PTSD. His conclusion: “Warm water therapy environments are beneficial for people with PTSD, chronic anxiety disorders, depression and other situations in which the autonomic nervous system is adversely affected.”

So there you have it. If you want to learn more, request your free book here. If you want to take full advantage of your pool and jacuzzi give us a call. You can learn about our weekly pool cleaning service here. We can also help you install a pool heater so you take advantage of your pool all year long. Send us an email with your request here.