Romantic Poolside Ideas for Valentine

Are you ready for Valentine\’s Day? If not, don\’t panic. Having a pool or spa gives you an advantage. Here we are going to give you all the tips you need to plan a romantic poolside date with your loved one. Ready?


Nothing more romantic than candlelight. You can set up candles inside lanterns around the pool. You can also get floating candles and send them sailing and lighted inside your pool. 


Red roses are essential to set up a romantic mood. Spread rose petals around the edge of the pool. You can also put a few floating inside the pool or completely carpet the pool\’s surface with rose petals. 

Towels and throws

If you are going for a swim don\’t forget about getting some heated towels or bathrobes for afterward. Use throws on top of your outdoor sofa to create a cozy nest for cuddling after swimming.

Lawn blanket

Why not get a little creative and put a blanket on top of your backyard lawn along with some big and comfy cushions so both of you can lay down and look at the stars?

Finger food

Ditch the delivery service or cooking a fancy dinner. Instead, create a menu of finger food options. You can grab a cheese and charcuterie board, add some strawberries and grapes, and voilá! Don\’t forget dark chocolate for dessert. 

Sparkling wine

Pick your favorite Champagne or Prosecco to accompany your menu options. Don\’t forget a wine chiller to keep the temperature right and some fancy flutes for serving. You can also decorate the glasses with rose accents. 

And don\’t worry about the clean up afterward. Just contact us, that\’s what we are here for.