Pool Owner\’s Holiday Shopping List

We have curated Aqua Magazine’s New Product page to bring you specific products for pool owners that can help you make your holiday shopping easier. If your are having a holiday party and want your pool sparkly clean you might want to consider signing up for our weekly pool cleaning service. If you are already a client don’t forget to communicate your holiday party plans to us ahead of time so we can accommodate you as we are partially closed during the year end holidays.

Hayward TriVac 700 Pressure Cleaner

The Hayward TriVac 700 pressure cleaner provides clean on a new level. It’s the only pool cleaner that can skim debris from the surface of the water and thoroughly vacuum the pool floor, walls and coves, the company says. TriVac 700 is equipped with Hayward’s patented jet-propelled AquaDrive technology and protective wheels for a faster, gentler and more efficient clean. The 40% wider suction inlet and 25% larger debris bag make the TriVac 700 the perfect pool cleaning solution.

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Waholife Santorini Lounger


Introducing the Santorini Lounger from waholife inc. This unique lounger style molds perfectly to your body vs the standard hard loungers in the market today. A slight backrest guarantees a relaxed, comfortable position. The hybrid design ensures year-round use, perfect on the pool or dry land. Ideal for single lounging, but also large enough to snuggle with your closest companion — the waholife Santorini Lounger is relaxation refined.

Water Shade Canopy Float Kit


The Water Shade Canopy Float Kit’s patented design allows a pop up canopy to sit safely on a body of water to give swimmers shade. The kit includes four inflatable pods (made of durable PVC vinyl), an air pump and a tether system for anchoring, all of which are easily stored in a nylon tote bag when not in use. The inflatable pods securely attach to each of the canopy leg stake holes of most standard canopies. Attachment is made with a custom designed quick flip clip to secure each pod to its canopy leg. After use, it is easily removed by reversing the process when the canopy is out of water. It also allows the canopy to attach to an existing anchor. Also available is the Water Shade Wind Anchoring System, which utilizes nylon mesh bags that attach at the bottom of each pod and fill with water to protect the canopy from unexpected wind conditions.

Skimbot Solar-Powered Pool Skimmer


Skimbot is a new pool cleaner that uses stored energy from the sun to automatically remove leaves, pollen, hair, insects, oils and other debris from a pool’s surface. Skimbot runs continuously through the day and night in a variety of pools to remove 90% of floating surface debris before they sink and decay. With Bluetooth integrating capabilities, not only can users control the robot manually using an Android or iOS device, but they can check pool temperature, battery status, charging wattage and usage settings. Reduce your carbon footprint and wear and tear on other pool equipment. Swimmers can simply remove the unit and jump in.