Pool Heaters 101

Here in South Florida the weather is so nice in the winter months but the water in your pool is chilly, so you have been thinking about expanding your pool season by adding a pool heater to your swimming pool.

What type of pool heater is good for your pool and how much does it cost? In this blog, we are going to try to answer these questions. Let us start by saying that for South Florida we recommend electric pool heaters or heat pumps and here is why.

There are three types of pool heaters: electric, gas and solar.

Electric: Pool Heat Pumps have a lower cost to operate than gas, only solar heaters are better in that regard, and are more expensive to install than gas heaters. They are our choice for South Florida taking into consideration that many houses aren’t retrofitted for gas and you probably need a permit to install solar panels in your roof.

Pros: Inexpensive to operate


No emissions

Last up to 20 years with proper maintenance

Cons: More expensive upfront

Doesn’t work well in colder temperatures

Heats the water slowly

Cost: $2500 to $5000

Gas: Gas heaters are the ones that heat the water faster, they are less expensive to install than pool heat pumps or solar heaters but the monthly cost to operate is significantly higher compared to an electric heater, plus your house needs to have a gas line or tank.

Pros: Heats the water fast

Less expensive upfront

Low emissions

Cons: Costs a lot to operate

Your house needs to have a natural gas line or a propane tank

Not eco-friendly

Short lifespan (5 years on average)

Cost: $1500 to $3500

Solar: Solar heaters are the least effective when heating a pool, it depends on how much sun there is that day plus you have to install panels on the roof or backyard and they take a lot of space. There is no monthly cost to run it, but the initial installation can be expensive.

Pros: Uses a free source of energy

Lasts about 15 years

Good for warmer climates


Cons: Heats the water slowly

Only works if the sun is shining

Takes a lot of room in your backyard or roof

Cost: $3000 to $4000

In conclusion, Pool Heat Pumps are our choice of swimming pool heaters for South Florida. The price is going to depend on the size of your pool as well as the brand. For more on pool heaters you can read our tips pool heater tips or how to save energy when using an electric pool heater. You can also read more about pool heaters on energy.gov. Give us a call or contact us here if you want a personalized recommendation.