Why Hire A CPO (Certified Pool And Spa Operator) To Clean Your Pool?

CPO Certification - Acquality Pool Sevice

Many times people tend to hire the cheapest pool service they can get without taking into consideration the credentials of their pool technician. While a good deal may seem like a good idea, it can also pose many risks. If you want to enjoy your pool with peace of mind hire a pool technician that […]

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How To Clean The Pool Filter

Acquality Pool Service

Why do you need to clean the pool filter in the first place? It is important to clean the pool filter because this is the way the pool system gets rid of impurities in the water. Filtration is important because it removes contaminants that promote the growth of bacteria and algae. If you want to […]

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Spring Cleaning For Your Pool

Pool In Spring - Acquality Pool Service

Winter is almost over, and spring is knocking at the door which means that the time to enjoy our pools more frequently is here. If you do your own pool there are some things you need to take into consideration before you start using it. First of all, make sure that all the systems are […]

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