Start A New Thanksgiving Tradition

Older couple exercise pool

By Pool Side News Thanksgiving may look a lot different this year– what with coronavirus and travel restrictions in many areas of the country. If you and your family will be sticking close to home why not start a new Thanksgiving tradition? Maybe you’re facing an empty nest this holiday season and, yes, with the […]

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Health Benefits Of Water Immersion

Health Benefits Water Immersion

In this blog post, I want to talk about the benefits of hydrotherapy. Pool and spa owners read on, the benefits to your health are very significant as we will discuss. You might think that your pool adds value to your house, or it’s just something nice to look at, but by not using it […]

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The Waters of Tolantongo: Mexico’s Volcanic Oasis

The Waters of Tolantongo - Acquality Pool Service

For this month’s blog, we decided to show you one of the amazing swimming pools and spa destinations around the world as it appeared in the swimming pool industry magazine Aqua. The writer is Aqua Magazine Senior Editor Eric Herman. It’s a place made for bucket lists. Nestled in a box canyon in Mexico’s Mezquital […]

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