Three Pool Heater Tips

Pool Heater - Acquality Pool Service

Here are three tips to consider before using your pool heater in the cool season. 1. Bypass: If your heater has a bypass option make sure that it is off, so that the water circulates into the heater and out to your pool. 2. Flow: To operate, the heater needs to have proper flow of […]

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5 Must-Do Tips for Pool Owners

5 tips for pool owners - Acquality Pool Service

Whether you hire a company to service your pool or clean it yourself, here is a list of things every pool owner should do to have the pool looking its best always. 1. Service the pool every week, clockwork! Whether you enjoy cleaning your pool or hire a company like ours to do it for […]

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Pool water balance, more than just chlorine

Pool Balance - Acquality Pool Service

Properly balanced pool water is the secret behind a crystal clear swimming pool. According to the Census Bureau, swimming is the most popular recreational activity for kids 7 to 17. Swimming is also the fourth most popular sport or activity in the US. You might as well be one of the more than 10.4 million […]

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How to save energy when using an electric pool heater

Save Energy - Acquality Pool Service

Now that the weather is chilly here in South Florida, perhaps you are thinking about installing an electric pool heater but are afraid of seeing your electric bill skyrocket. Maybe you already have a pool heat pump but don’t use it due to the same reason. Here we are going to talk about several things […]

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The Zika Virus and Your Swimming Pool

Dark Green Pool - Acquality Pool Service

The threat of the Zika virus has been looming over Florida since the beginning of the year and in Miami Dade since July 29 when the first cases of locally transmitted Zika where announced. But how can the fight against the virus affect pool owners? Here we will attempt to answer your concerns. As you […]

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Does your swimming pool need an acid wash?

Acid Wash - Acquality Pool Service

Perhaps you moved into a house with a swimming pool that has been neglected, or maybe you have noticed that your pool’s finish has changed color over time and now it looks yellowish. In many cases, an acid wash can take care of these pool stains. It can be an inexpensive alternative to replacing the […]

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Which automatic pool cleaner should I buy?

Zodicac MX6 - Acquality Pool Service

For a while you have been thinking about getting an automatic pool cleaner but you don’t really know where to start. Maybe you have asked your friends or seek recommendations from webpages. Your pool technician might give you the best advice on which one to buy, but what if you don’t have a pool cleaning […]

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Green pool? Blame the phosphates

Green Pool - Acquality Pool Service

You or your technician have been maintaining your pool regularly but there is this one week in summer when your pool didn’t get service and next thing you know you got a green pool. Alga is the culprit, a one-cell microorganism that can reproduce rapidly if given what it needs to prosper: water, sun, air, […]

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Chlorine or Salt Pool? That is the question

Swimming Pool - Acquality Pool Service

Whether you are building a new pool and need to choose a system for it or have a chlorine pool and are thinking about converting it to salt, here you will find the main differences between the two types of systems so you can make your decision wisely. What is a Salt Chlorine Generator or […]

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Ten Pool Cleaning Tips

Pool cleaning - Acquality Pool Service

My costumers often ask me what can they do between schedule pool service visits to improve the appearance of their pool. Here is a list. 1. Landscaping Talk to your landscaping company and instruct their employees not to blow the grass cuttings and debris into your pool. Organic material helps the growth of algae. Also, […]

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